We offer in-home services to help families remain intact, reunify, or safely join back together after separation. Our services are meant to serve as a partner with parents to build and support healthy relationships, parents, and families.

Services are either paid for by the Missouri Department of Social Services or private pay by families seeking services.

We can offer services listed below individually or as a combination based on the family’s needs.


This service ensures that transportation is not a barrier to family connections for the other programs listed. All transportation services provided must work towards the overall goal.

Supervised Visitation

This occurs when there is a court order in place stating that at least one parent must only be allowed contact if it is supervised. This ensures a healthy parent-child bond is established and nurtured. This service can be provided for 1 to 40 hours monthly, depending on approval guidelines.

Parent Education

This service is to help parents demonstrate improved and effective parenting skills including knowledge in child development, safe discipline techniques, healthy supervision, and healthy attachment. Some other topics may include basic life skills such as: budgeting, keeping your home clean and sanitary, becoming stable and independent, and more.

Connection to Community Resources

This service aims to provide help and assistance in setting up proper services based on the family’s needs. Typically, support is provided for housing, drug treatment, food pantries, government assistance services, mental healthy treatment, and more.

Co-parenting Between Families

This service is provided as a support to both biological and foster or kinship placement providers. The focus is on the importance of the child and their perception of the relationship between their care providers as well as the child’s daily needs being met. It is a supportive service and no payment is accepted.

Catchment Area

We serve families in the Jackson, Platte, Clay, Johnson and Cass Counties in Missouri. See the map below for our service area.

Graphic: Google maps view of service area

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