What families and our partners are saying

I love you and the work you do. Anyone blessed enough to have you in their life will fill theirs with so much hope, joy, and happiness.

Reunified Mom

Beth saw in me hope, where there was none. Through her help and guidance…perseverance, determination and faith…She led me to the path of love , understanding and parenthood. I KNOW NOW JUST WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A PARENT. THANK YOU TO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, FOR SENDING ME AN EARTHBOUND ANGEL…TO HELP ME SEE THE LIGHT…THE LOVE…IN MY EYES AS WELL AS MY SONS’. You are my friend forever…my LIFESAVER…and part of our family…FOREVER! 

Thank you Beth Holder !

And thank you to your team of professionals as well. That strive everyday to bring families together. …just as you did for us !

Reunified Dad in 2016

Thank you, I’m glad that other families can get hope from my case. It was definitely a hard road but you really helped us. If it wasn’t for you I honestly don’t think my case would of closed when it did. You were amazing.

Reunified Mom

I only refer my cases to Family Partners. I trust and respect all of the Parent Aides and theirdocumentation is accurate and on time.

CASA Case Manager

Family Partners is my favorite and I try to use them for everything. When they don’t haveopenings, sometimes I will wait for them to get one because I know the family is in good handswith them.

Children’s Service Worker

I want to be a Parent Aide when I grow up-just like you! That way I can help kids, too.

Child, age 9

I appreciate all of your work you have done with my client. You are a strong advocate for families. I hope we can continue working together on this case and many others.

Parent Attorney

I always pick Family Partners because I can always count on them to get anything done and to show-up. It makes my job so much easier when I know I don’t have to worry about the families.

Children’s Service Worker

Of course I was nervous. First time connecting with anyone under hard circumstances makes you feel uncomfortable but Family Partners started this journey with me and helped to fill in the gaps of starting new communication with biological parents so that I could build a relationship with them too.

Foster Parent

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